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Morehouse & MKE - Servant Leaders are Given Hope

While we are teeming with excitement about our Milwaukee Bucks historic championship run – further illuminated by the bright spotlight shining upon an emerging metropolitan Milwaukee – an equally compelling contribution to the future prosperity of Wisconsin has taken place in Atlanta, Georgia. In a remarkable act of generosity and foresight, Billionaire Robert Smith announced a multi-million dollar gift to the school paying off student loans for the entire class of 2019! The Morehouse commencement speaker’s announcement benefits dozens of graduates, and most significantly, this year’s MKE Fellows class of 2019.

As you already aware, our partnership with Morehouse – gaining traction as a national youth leadership development model – has yielded phenomenal graduation rates exceeding 90%. The on-going support of the MKE Fellows is realizing incredible academic achievements and producing career opportunities and leadership roles linking these young scholars to the very prosperity of the city. As an example, this weekend MKE Fellow Demarcus Harris graduated with a dual degree from both the University of Michigan and Morehouse in Engineering. Moreover, these graduates are returning to Milwaukee with professional competencies and commitments to stay and invest in their own communities.

Gratitude to our supporters cannot be overstated. Let this serve as a rallying cry to all stakeholders to continue on our ground-breaking journey toward improvement and inclusion. Let's continue to discover ways to support the MKE Fellows and see what preparation and dedication can bring to Milwaukee over the next several decades.

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