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ABC Wisconsin12 celebrates MKE Fellow Edward Rogers

"As part of our partnership with the 34th annual Black Excellence Awards, WISN 12 is featuring the recipients of the Louvenia Johnson Scholarship fund.

Edward Rogers was just eight-years-old when Haiti suffered a massive earthquake in 2010.

Troubled by the suffering, damage to infrastructure and severe shortage of food and medicine, he founded his own not-for-profit organization: Edward’s Greatness of Giving Back.

His initiative raised more than $5,000 and he received the Young Humanitarian Award from a Milwaukee media organization. Edward’s charitable organization continues actively supporting a number of fundraising initiatives, but the charitable organization is just one among many accomplishments in this ambitious young man’s life.

He earned a weighted cumulative grade point average of 3.1 from Rufus King High School. He served as captain of the school’s varsity football team.

When asked how he thought his teachers and school counselors would describe him, Edward said that he was focused, a hard worker and a person committed to seeing any project he takes on through to completion.

Displaying a maturity beyond his years, he said that he welcomed constructive feedback, because 'I am committed to constant improvement.'

Edward’s Greatness of Giving Back collected more than 4,000 bottles of water and 100 toiletry packages after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico in 2017. In addition to providing disaster relief, Edward’s charitable organization also conducts a number of annual community events, including collecting and distributing toys during the holiday season and collecting and distributing 200 warm-clothing packages.

He is quick to give credit to other volunteers in his organization, noting that they would not have been successful without the generosity of other community members, local businesses and the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors.

Edward has applied to Morgan State University and Kentucky State University where he hopes to major in either neuroscience or pharmacology."

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