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The MKE Fellows initiative was funded initially through the generosity of three individuals, Cory Nettles, Chuck Harvey, and Skip Polinar. As its successes have become evident, the program has been received, reviewed and now supported by a number of organizations including the JCI Foundation, WE Energies Foundation, Bader Foundation, BMO Foundation, and the Fellowship Open to name a few.


While our Lunch & Learn sessions provide vibrant professional development and corporate tours, the initiative also exposes MKE Fellows to the vast richness of the Wisconsin business community. The goal is to afford students a broad range of experiences and to open minds to possibilities in our state. A series of activities have been provided from community supporters and the response has been incredible. For many students, these are their first exposure to the broad array of Wisconsin’s entrepreneurial vista. It is easy to see how transformational these experiences are and will continue to be in the lives of these young men.


MKE Fellows have attended the Urban League’s Black and White Ball, United Way's Day of Action, the BMO Harris Summerfest stage, the African American Chamber of Commerce Breakfast of Champions, private tours of the Milwaukee Art Museum, and numerous other civic and community events.


We are purposed on the active, committed engagement of Wisconsin’s civic, corporate and community stakeholders. Ongoing, overwhelming support has resulted in measurable positive progression and the injection of resources and solutions focused on Wisconsin's future. The cultivation of a diversity of developmental and vocational experiences for Milwaukee’s youth assures that the challenges for generations to come will be addressed through collaborative partnerships and well-prepared leadership.


MKE Fellows is a wonderful program to ensure that Wisconsin students studying at universities around the country have internships in Wisconsin. Many great Milwaukee-area corporate employers offer summer slots for these bright young people to return home in the hopes that they’ll return long-term after graduating.  This helps prevent ‘brain drain,’ which is especially important for young people who help our corporations reflect the diversity of our communities."


Rebecca Kleefisch 


former Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin

writ. 2017


The Fellowship Open

MKE Fellows was birthed as an initiative of the Fellowship Open, an annual charity golf weekend in August that has raised over 2 million dollars in funds for youth organizations around Wisconsin, including MKE Fellows. The Honorary Chairs of the Fellowship Open are strong proprietors of the MKE Fellows' vision and mission, and we receive quality candidate nominations and program support from this esteemed group of supporters.

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