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The Milwaukee Fellows is a powerful initiative that supports academically talented African-American young men in Wisconsin to ensure they graduate from college prepared for career success.

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The vision that drives MKE Fellows is creating a healthier and more economically prosperous African-American community that is better positioned to support the economic growth of Wisconsin.

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The primary goal of MKE Fellows is the creation of a strong pipeline of young, African American male college graduates ready to return to Wisconsin to excel in their careers, build wealth, and become engaged leaders capable of moving our region’s African-American communities into a new era of greater health, vitality, and prosperity.

What We Do
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Fellows are paired with a volunteer leader from the community who serves as a dedicated mentor, providing career guidance and leadership advice.

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MKE Fellows are paired with Wisconsin companies who offer paid internships that help them gain on-the-job experience, build professional networks,

and more.

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Professional Development

Through experiential and engaging summer workshops, Fellows learn about networking, interviewing, prioritizing, conflict management, use of technology, and other keys to a successful career.

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Lunch & Learn

Fellows are paired with a volunteer leader from the community who serves as a dedicated mentor providing career guidance and leadership advice.

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View the 2023 Community Report
MKE Fellows Proudly Partners with:
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What Students Are Saying

"I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity that the MKE Fellows has given me, being a part of a group of

like-minded students all seeking to help the community. I’d like to thank the Fellows for this opportunity to step my  foot in the professional world."

Maurice Lucre

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Class of 2022

"I am a proud MKE Fellow. In the program I am able to obtain a network and connections that some people only dream of obtaining. Being an intern has taught me the value of community and the effort that people are putting forth to unite Milwaukee."

Trenton Daniels

Oklahoma State University

Class of 2018

"MKE Fellows has offered me the opportunity to pursue a college education and envision a path for myself that would lead me to my academic, professional and personal success. Everything I experienced has shaped me into the compassionate, driven, servant leader I am today. Without MKE Fellows investing in my education, my accomplishments would not have been possible."

Samuel Buchanan

Morehouse College

Class of 2017

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Get Involved

Interested in becoming an MKE Fellow?

Applying to be an MKE Fellow is a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable work experience and connect with top businesses and organizations in Milwaukee. Plus, it opens doors to internships and career opportunities that can kickstart your future success.

How can you become a part of the journey of an MKE Fellow?

You can incredibly support the MKE Fellows! Our students need support in their educational journey, and you can help them become the best they can be. By funding their school experience, you provide them with the resources they need to succeed academically, access opportunities, and achieve their full potential. Your donation can significantly empower these students to overcome financial barriers, pursue their passions, and ultimately thrive in their chosen fields. Together, we can help shape a brighter future for these talented individuals and foster a more inclusive and equitable society.

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