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NBA Foundation's latest round of grants supports 31 organizations

Khary Higgins, for February 1, 2023

The NBA Foundation’s latest round of life-changing grants coincides with Black History Month. While fitting, NBA Foundation Executive Director Greg Taylor makes it clear.

“Every month is Black History Month,” he said.

“This is an ongoing effort that builds on the NBA’s long-standing history of being engaged in social justice and civil rights regardless of whatever month we do the grant making in.”

The latest round of grants from the NBA Foundation includes 31 organizations total. Twelve of the 31 are receiving grant renewals and 19 of these organizations are first time recipients of a grant from the NBA Foundation.

Let’s take a deeper look into some of the impactful organizations that the NBA Foundation is supporting this year.

ALIVE MKE Partners of the Milwaukee Bucks, MKE Fellows is a powerful initiative offering support to academically talented, Black young men from Milwaukee to ensure that they graduate from college prepared for career success. This program continues to grow and see successful Black leaders emerge and return to Milwaukee.

It emphasizes the grooming of a strong pipeline of young, Black male college graduates ready to return to Milwaukee and other parts of the state to excel in their careers, build wealth, become engaged leaders, and to give back to other young men around them.

“We could not create the meaningful change that we do without the partnerships of organizations like the NBA Foundation who see the potential in our young men.” Alive MK President and CEO John Daniels said.

“These funds will directly impact and further develop the lives of countless students leading to a much more inclusive and prosperous future for our cities.”

When prompted to speak about Alive MKE, Taylor said: “It’s a graduate college-access workforce development program that focuses on providing mentorship and wraparound services and job placement skills for young people in the Milwaukee community.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to support them.”

These are just four out of the 31 newest grantees from the NBA Foundation, and Taylor’s leadership guarantees that positive and meaningful work will continue to be done. He put it best, in terms of summing up the ethos that drives the NBA Foundation to change lives:

“What we’re trying to do at the NBA Foundation, is to highlight the tremendous genius and leadership skills of black young people, which we think is consistent with what our history is all about,” Taylor said. “We know that it’s about resources and opportunities, and that the genius of these young people to lead and contribute to society, is already present in who they are.”


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