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Milwaukee youth invited to Ryder Cup

KOHLER, Wis. - Trying to expand interest in the sport the PGA of America invited Milwaukee area youth to the Ryder Cup.

Whether you’re a fan of golf, or not, you can’t help but admire the beauty of the course.

"It’s just crazy to have this big of an event be here and just be so prominent – it’s just such a beautiful thing," Zion Bullock.

And Bullock will be the first to tell you – he’s not much of a golfer. But the member of the MKE Fellows program had the desire to get involved with the business side of golf.

"The best thing that I know is probably Tiger Woods and a couple things of putt-putt, but I tried it in middle school and it was probably more grass than balls being in the air," he said.

But even he knew being invited to come check out Whistling Straits, home to the Ryder Cup this year, wasn’t something to pass up.

"Just getting exposed to what this world is like because a lot of us are exposed to athletics, whether it’s basketball or football," said Bullock.

And he didn’t come alone. Dozens of other Milwaukee area youth were invited to listen to a panel of speakers talking about golf and the importance of diversity on the business side of things.

"You may be wondering, like ‘I’m not really sure if golf is my thing’, but it can be because there are so many opportunities," Jim Richerson, PGA of America president. "Our association is made up of 28,000 men and women that are involved in growing the game and growing the sport. That’s why we are here partnering today, we want to introduce you to the sport and business of golf."

Change is blowing down the fairway of the Ryder Cup.

Practice rounds start Tuesday, with tournament play Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


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