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Hank Aaron Supports MKE Fellows

Legendary sports, humanitarian and business figure Henry Aaron was in Milwaukee on April 6th, 2017 to support educational initiatives, including the MKE Fellows initiative. As a result of Mr. Aaron’s support, an additional scholarship of more than $100,000 for the endowment of Morehouse College for the MKE Fellows program was provided. In attendance at the Aaron event was a Morehouse representative, James Shaw. This followed on the remarkable support that Henry and Billye Aaron have provided for Morehouse College and the MKE Fellows. They were part of the initial group that kicked off raising more than $1 million for the event.

Henry Aaron’s legacy for youth and educational support is unparalleled. Recently Aaron was recognized with the establishment of his statute at the new Sun Trust baseball park in Atlanta and in attendance were three Morehouse students who are members of the baseball team here pictured with MKE Fellow chair, John W. Daniels, Jr.

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