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MKE Fellows invited to Wisconsin Black Media Event

This photo was taken in celebration of Black media in Wisconsin. Wisconsin has a long history of people with superior talent in so many areas. Some of those experiences are chronicled at the Wisconsin Black Historical Society located in the central city of Milwaukee. Recently the Museum hosted an event celebrating the legacy of a pioneer in media, Carole Meekins, known to the entire community because of her work with the local NBC affiliate. Her recent breath is enormous. Another pioneer who was co-sponsored the event is Joanne Williams, a local Milwaukee native who excelled and carried on a family tradition of giving back to Milwaukee. Pictured in the photo are MKE Fellow D’Landric Winzer who is majoring in psychology at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and who attended the event with MKE Fellows. D’Landric will be interviewing at Robert W. Baird this summer. Congratulations!

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